PLEASE NOTE: Powder Valley Road is open to Stahl's Pottery from Route 29/100.

Stahl's Pottery About Us

The Stahl’s Pottery buildings and property site were purchased in 1987 by a group of descendants of Thomas Stahl who formed a non-profit organization named “Stahl’s Pottery Preservation Society, Inc.” Since its founding, the organization has adopted and uses the abbreviation “SPPS” as an acronym. Our organization currently has 59 members. It is managed by a nine member Board of Directors, who each serves a three year term.

The mission of Stahl's Pottery Preservation Society is to preserve the Stahl’s Pottery site and Stahl’s  Pottery artifacts as an historical record and source of  education about the Pennsylvania German, Stahl Potters of Powder Valley for present and future generations.


To accomplish this objective, Stahl's Pottery Preservation Society will do the following:


• We will restore the Stahl’s Pottery site’s buildings and landscape to their historic appearance during the mid-1930s through the early 1940s.


• We will acquire and preserve historic artifacts related to Stahl’s Pottery, which includes pottery pieces made by the Stahl potters, historic photographs and documents, tools and equipment used by the potters, and furnishings.


• We will create and operate a museum for the education and enjoyment of present and future generations.



Thomas Stahl teaching grandson,

Franklin Lagler, to work the glaze mill

Isaac and Thomas Stahl in front of the Kiln

Stahl’s Pottery Preservation Society, Inc.

To contact us:


Stahl's Pottery Preservation Society

Mailing Address:  PO Box 154,  Hereford, PA  18056

Street Address:  6826 Corning Road,  Zionsville,  PA  18092


Phone: 610.965.5019