Stahl's Pottery Preservation Society

Mailing Address:† PO Box 154,† Hereford, PA† 18056

Street Address:† 6826 Corning Road,† Zionsville,† PA† 18092


To contact us:

Phone: 610.965.5019

Email:† stahlspottery@aol.com

Stahlís† Pottery Ways You Can Help

Stahlís Pottery Preservation Society, Inc.

Check back soon.†

This will be a future webpage dedicated to information about how the public

can support and assist SPPS.

SPPS is a non-profit corporation and has received recognition of Federal Income Tax

Exemption from the Internal Revenue Service. All donations and contributions are fully

tax deductible from Federal Income Tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.