PLEASE NOTE: Powder Valley Road is open to Stahl's Pottery from Route 29/100.

Stahl's Pottery History

Powder Valley in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, once served as the home of three generations of redware potters - Charles, Thomas and Isaac, and Russell Stahl and artist Carrie Stahl Schultz. Redware, a specific type of low-fired, porous earthenware, received its name from the distinctive color of the native clays which the potter dug, processed, and turned on the potter’s wheel. Redware was an important Pennsylvania German product, first as a utilitarian ware and later as a decorative art. Powder Valley, named for the early gun powder mills along the Indian Creek, provided three key ingredients to the potting industry: wood to fuel the kiln, distinctive and attractive veins of red clay, and an abundance of markets. The Stahl family operated a pottery off and on for approximately 100 years. With Russell's death in 1986, descendants of Thomas Stahl decided to purchase the pottery at public auction in 1987 in order to preserve the Stahl family potting tradition. They formed the Stahl's Pottery Preservation Society, Inc. in the summer of 1987.

Russell Stahl

Isaac & Thomas Stahl, Brothers

Charles Stahl, Father

Carrie (Stahl) Schultz

Building the kiln

Stahl's Pottery historic property site today

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