Stahl's Pottery Today

Today, the pottery site contains the Thomas and Alice Stahl House, the round, wood-fired pottery kiln, the pottery building, and a building in which cheese was made by Thomas Stahl. Artifacts related to the pottery's operation, including the pug mill and engine, two of Tom and Isaac’s potter's wheels, photographs, documents, and an extensive collection of Thomas, Isaac, and Russell’s pottery have been acquired and are on display in the pottery building and the Thomas and Alice Stahl House Museum.


Today, Stahl’s Pottery Preservation Society (SPPS) hosts an annual Summer & Fall Pottery Festival, on the grounds of the pottery site, on the 3rd Saturday in June., and the 1st Saturday in October. Local (and regional) potters come to display and sell their traditional and contemporary pottery. Tours and special events can be arranged by appointment, please contact us at:

Stahl’s Pottery Preservation Society, Inc.

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Stahl's Pottery Preservation Society

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