PLEASE NOTE: Powder Valley Road is open to Stahl's Pottery from Route 29/100.

Stahl's Pottery For our Volunteers

Each year we continue to need volunteers to not only help with our Festival Days, but also help in getting the site ready in the months prior to those days.


Work dates for projects, beautifying the ground, and general cleanup will be posted and are available from Jason Flexer, Daryl Leh or Dennis Lagler.


Help is always needed on the Friday before the Festival to setup tables, organize the areas inside the tent, mark the parking area, and setup the refreshment stand.


We take donations of baked goods, fruit, soda, hot dogs, turkey bar-b-q, beef bar-b-q, baked beans, hamburger & hot dog rolls, and paper products.


We are always looking for new ideas inside the summer kitchen, and for decorating the house/kitchen areas.


Volunteers needed for the Festival Day:


(contact Sue Lagler to volunteer for either a morning, or afternoon time slot)


           Persons to direct and answer questions at the information booth


           Greeters/Admissions/Counters in the driveway


           Parking assistants


           Shuttle drivers for before and after the event


           Tour Guides


           Museum Monitors


           Refreshment Stand Helpers


           Baked Goods Sale Helpers


           Pottery Memorabilia Sale Helpers


Stahl’s Pottery Preservation Society, Inc.

To contact us:


Stahl's Pottery Preservation Society

Mailing Address:  PO Box 154,  Hereford, PA  18056

Street Address:  6826 Corning Road,  Zionsville,  PA  18092


Phone: 610.965.5019